But first, Introductions!

Introductory Post

“Your writing road may be long and scary, but Your Literary Heroine is here to help!”

And just how will it help you?

As you might’ve noticed, the headings at the top of the page have been categorized into separate sections to make your navigation much easier. The sections range from a simple About page, to Directories with links to invaluable resources.

Over time, I will be adding more content to each of these categories in the form of blogs, along with links to resources that I believe you will find invaluable.

Now, to go into Specifics:

About – Is an introductions page. It’s set to provide you with all your basic information about me and the site. It will also be your homepage whenever you return.

Writing Communities – Provides you with information on writing communities, the benefits of having writing groups as well as gives you tips on how to connect with other writers.

Writing Platforms – A fun page I decided to include. I know of countless sites where writers can expand their creativity. I have signed up and used so many in the past, which has provided me with insight as to what works – and what doesn’t. This page will provide links to different writing platforms as well as my own personal reviews. The pinned post is of a fresh new platform, built by my brother… Which means, I have had a large input towards its creation. Freefiction.xyz.

Writing Tips and ResourcesHere you will find a majority of posts pertaining to the art of writing. Everything from Pantsers vs Plotters, to the importance of characterizations. I will even be reviewing and listing materials that are sure to help with your own storytelling.

Querying for AgentsRejection is a big challenge that traditionally published authors face daily. This section will provide you with inspirational posts, links to resources that can help you write your own query letters and hopefully gain representation. But while agents are brilliant to have on your side in the traditionally published world, you can still get published without one. Here, you will find advice on how.

Traditional Publishing VS Self-Publishing – Here, we don’t discriminate on how you are published, because both routes lead to getting your story out there. This section will provide you with information and include both the pros and cons for each. It will also warn you of the dangers behind Vanity publishers.

ScreenwritingWhile I have only just started this new branch of writing, I am looking to share tips, resources and materials that I have found useful… Which includes links for both the US and Australia.  

DirectoriesHere you will find links to archives, references, resources and other brilliant materials, posted by skilled and knowledgeable professionals. You will also find a database of publishers and small presses who may be open to unsolicited manuscripts.

RequestsI am always looking to improve my site and to cater to all writers. If you have feedback or tips you would like for me to research and discuss on my site, please don’t hesitate to speak up in the comment section.

Finally, it will take time to fill this blog with all the relevant and informative content – unfortunately, I lack the power of super speed… But, if you would like to be notified when new content is added, feel free to follow me on social media!



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